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Disaster Management


Noosa Council has primary responsibility to coordinate and manage disasters and emergency events within the Shire.

View the range of disaster management related mapping including flooding, evacuation and flood gauges.

For information and updates about a current disaster or weather event see:



Minor Flood Extent

These maps show minor flood inundation extents and represent an event which occurs relatively frequently, perhaps once every other year.


Extreme Flood Extent

These maps show extreme inundation extents. These extents represent very large and very unlikely (rare) flood events. These are exceptional events that relatively few people will ever witness. Whilst very unlikely, it is possible for these events to occur.


Moderate Flood Extent

These maps show moderate flood inundation extents and represent a flood event which is less common (or uncommon) but over a long period of time may occur on average once a decade.


Storm Tide Flood Maps

Storm Tides flood maps represent pre-defined levels of inundation from increased ocean water levels.


Major Flood Extent

These maps show major flood inundation extents and represent a large and relatively uncommon flood event which may occur (at least) once in an average life time. It is possible although less likely for a flood event of this size to occur more than once in a single lifetime.


Bushfire Prone Areas

This overlay shows Bushfire prone areas, grass fire prone areas and low fuel load areas.


Coastal Hazards

View new coastal hazard related mapping for sea level rise, stormtide inundation, and coastal erosion. Includes present day and climate change influenced layers.

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